The 12 Simple Secrets of Management
The 12 Simple Secrets 
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The 12 Simple Secrets
There is no magical 12 secrets. And each very successful company has their own unique approach that has led to their success. What we have done is try to describe what has made these companies successful. And they have an awful lot in common. Usually the biggest differences is not what they do, but the priority they each assign to the same practices.

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Successful Management
This site is dedicated to listing what practices lead to successful management. Both things that must be done and other things that should never be done. The emphasis is on management in the high-tech industry. And particularily management of the software development process. But many of these practices are applicable to almost any industry.

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World Class Success
This site is aimed solely at management in companies that are the best in their fields. Managing adequate or sub-standard employees is a very different procedure requiring substantially different methods in some cases. This site discusses the best ways to manage exceptional employees at exceptional companies.

Most of what is listed at this site is opinion. Whenever possible backed up with research and studies. But even well done research and studies have inherent flaws in them. In addition, believing that you are implementing the practices here does not mean you are. So, we make no promises as to what will happen if you follow our advice.

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